Improving Your Relationship Connections and Enjoyment


Making committed relationships work is tougher than ever, especially if you are a parent. Our “fast food” society has convinced some that immediate gratification is a realistic goal, contributing to increased infidelity and divorce.

Couples counseling in a non-judgmental “safe space” can help couples reduce their conflicts, strengthen their bond, and feel more heard and appreciated. Working through “family of origin” issues can also facilitate more empathic and respectful communication.

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Raising children can be one of the most wonderful, yet frustrating, things an adult can do. Kids change as they age, and access to TV, movies, the Internet, video games, popular music, and social media have their virtues, but can also provide kids with negative messages and temptations.

Dr. Lazar uses a positive parenting approach to increase positive emotions and behavior in both parents and their children and a sense that “we’re all in this together."